Thursday, August 2, 2018

“The Church Isn’t A Safe Place” – Tonto Dikeh’s Message To Parents | @TONTOLET

Nollywood actor Tonto Dikeh has said that parents should be watchful of their kids during the holidays including while they are in church. She is of the opinion that people assume that the church is a safe place where you can bring your guards down because of the sense of the word but Tonto Dikeh advised that parents should not let their guards down, even in church.

“Don’t feel too comfort in a religious gathering, Remember The devil loves Good places too,” she said.

In a lengthy message on social media, the philanthropist mom of one, gives advice to parents on how to ensure the safety of their children now that schools are on long term holidays.

According to her, parents should be mindful of the fact that child molesters and other predators will be on the prowl and may want to prey on these children, if they get the opportunity to do so.

See below:

”Now that the holidays are here take note of the following child molestation, se—l abuse, rape, child predators are everywhere seeking whom to devour. You really don’t want to see this happen to your angels (boys or girls). Be extra careful. Know where your children or Nannies/wards are per time.

Leave them (Your kids) with very responsible and reasonable not just respectable adult jerks.. Please Avoid leaving children alone,with strangers and Sometimes even with some type of friends and family. Apply safety measures in and around the house.

Secure your home. Personally I went all out with CCTV camera which allows me to watch my home through my phone from any part of the world. Be vigilant. Check why your kids are in love with an adult and check why some adults repel and scare them.

Don’t be caught up in this wayward society, Pay extra attention to your kids this holiday. The church isn’t a safe place. Watch your kids everywhere. Don’t feel too comfort in a religious gathering, Remember The devil loves Good places too.

Holidaymakers, Don’t send your kids off to your grannies without trusted helps around. Grannies are weak, vulnerable and not so disciplined anymore. Don’t burden them with children stress. Don’t accommodate other kids you cant care for in the name of holiday.

Watch your teenagers. Get closer to your children and Nannies/wards this holiday. Keep close, embrace your children, pray and play together.

They can watch television but be mindful what goes into their mind. Most of the time, a lot of accidents could have been avoided. Take them to visit orphanages so they appreciate life more. What more can I say.”

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