Thursday, August 23, 2018

COZA Pastor says seed sowing works even if God doesn't approve

Despite the negative backlash against preachers who ask for seeds, the popular cleric insists that seeds work.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo says seed sowing definitely works even if God does not approve.

The founder of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) made this statement in a recent Instagram video uploaded by Daddy Freeze.

In an attempt to make his point in the video, he goes as far as to say that he would maintain his stance even if God says otherwise.

Pastor Fatoyinbo says, "If God appears to me and tells me seed does not work, hmm, I will tell God thank you," laughs before adding, "because seeds works."

He goes on to advise his congregation to give their seeds willing.

In his words, " And please don't come out, out of compulsion, come out because you are convinced of the Lord."

Freeze's reaction can be seen in his caption.

Pastor Fatoyinbo gets into trouble over seed sowing

Days after this video appeared online, another one showed up. This time, the COZA pastor is seen asking students to sow a seed of N500K.

In the video, he encourages the students in the congregation to start early adding, "offering is what you offer, a seed is what the Lord demands."

Continuing, he says, "N500,000 is something you need to release your faith for and give."

The post got a lot of people including celebrities criticising the COZA founder for asking students to give such a huge sum of money.

Jazzman Olofin noted that this kind of pressure can cause people to do rituals.

"Hahahahahahaha. Na wa ooo with this sowing of seeds. N500k from students?? No wonder money rituals is on the increase among the youths," he wrote.

Reacting to the video, Terry G said, "Yahoo boys full the church, he knows the young ones have money."

Music director, Jude Okoye also reacted calling the pastor a ''Thief". "Ah! Students? This one na thief abeg," he added.

Pastor Fatoyinbo joins the likes of Rev Funke Adejumo who has also been severely criticised for asking church members to sow seeds » .

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