Friday, August 3, 2018

American pastor Matt Chandler says Heaven is NOT the ultimate goal for Christians

American Pastor Matt Chandler is challenging a very popular belief about the afterlife. According to him, Christians won't go to Heaven .

In the Youtube video below, the lead pastor at Village Church in Texas opposes the public opinion that heaven is the ultimate goal for Christians.

Referring to this misconception, he explains that heaven is not a place we will "go to" adding that he came to this conclusion after studying the Bible.

In his words, "I grew up with an understanding that when I died, I would go to heaven and that was the end of the story, that I was in heaven, and I was gonna be in the presence of God and then we were gonna sing and they were gonna be streets of gold there's gonna be a crystal sea."

Where exactly will Christians go to after their death?

Now, the pastor says his study of the scriptures has shown that believers will remain on earth with Jesus Christ in their perfected bodies.

He says, "I'm encouraged by the beauty I see today, knowing the beauty I see today is a shadow of what it will one day be. When I look at the strength of the human body, the weakness of the human body, and know that will be remade. Then when I think about reality and all of its heartbreak and all of its brokenness and know that will also be remade into this new heaven and new earth."

Pastor Chandler backs his belief of Heaven » with 1 Corinthians 15: 53 where
Paul explains that in death, our earthly bodies will "be transformed into immortal bodies."

"As I look toward that, I find my heart really encouraged," he says about this verse. "I hope this encourages you today," he concludes.

Is Heaven really the destination?

This megachurch pastor is not the first to go against the common belief that people either go to heaven, or you go to hell after they die.

In his book, All Things New: A Revolutionary Look at Heaven and the Coming Kingdom, author John Eldredge says this mentality is wrong.

Like Pastor Chandler, he believes that there is no heaven just a new Earth for Christians to rule, alongside Jesus Christ.

He recently told RELEVANT: "I've heard a lot of worship leaders and pastors say from the pulpit or on stage, "Hey, I can't wait until we're with the Lord, we'll get to worship forever." They're not saying that because they're trying to deceive. It's just what we got handed. I think we got ripped off. The big thing we lost is that you actually don't spend your eternal life in heaven. You spend it here on the new Earth. And I think that's where we got off track."

Further explaining this new concept of 'Heaven,' the author adds, "Heaven is where our dear ones are now who have passed away, and the restored Earth takes place at the coming of Christ and ushers in what Scripture refers to as the coming age - kind of the next chapter in the story right here on the planet you love."

What do you think about this new concept of Heaven?

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