Monday, January 22, 2018

Clerics Condemn Treatment of Nigerians in Libya

A number of Roman Catholic Bishops on Sunday condemned the in human treatment meted on Nigerians working and living in Libya, describing the act as horrific.

Bishop Joseph Bagobiri of the Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan, Archbishop Adewale Martins of Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos and Archbishop Emeritus Alaba Job of Ibadan condemned the modern slavery in separate telephone interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria.

The clergymen said they were shocked that such act of man’s in humanity to fellow humans in this age and time was happening in a member- country of the African Union (AU).

The Bishops called on the Federal Government to initiate and implement measures that would discourage Nigerians from seeking greener pastures in countries where they ended up being sold as slaves.

Archbishop Martins said, “Our people are going hungry daily, our youths are dying in their questfor better options to life outside our shores and yet our leaders appear more concern with how to clinch to power.

“I think the time has come for all of us to reason together to resolve and restructure the lopsided political structures we are currently operating and set up realistic goals that would help move us forward.’’

The Archbishop Emeritus of Ibadan said that selling of Nigerians into slavery in Libya was“very horrific and really bad’’’ in this age and time.

He said, “The Nigerian government should rise up to defend its nationals in Libya not only by repatriating them.

“The government should make Nigeria conducive to live by providing good job opportunities,security and other necessities of life for its citizens.

“For Libya to beselling Nigerians as slaves in that country leaves much to be desired.”

Also speaking onthe trend, Bishop Emeritus Julius Adelakun ofthe Catholic Dioceseof Oyo urged the Federal Government to encourage youths to join in building the Nigeria of their dreams.

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