Saturday, December 30, 2017

Steps To Maximizing Your Potential In 2018

Knowledge is power, hence the ability to maximizing your potential would be hinged on the information you are able to accumulate and apply in practical life situations.

“You are your Potential, External demands don’t define you!”

This phrase has no intention of raising ambiguity, so we will make it as simple as possible.

You are your Potential

You must get a grip on the fact that you are in charge of your Potential . You are responsible for what you do with it. The choices you will make, the vision you choose to have and the folks you decide to commune with, are all yours to manage. Having a Potential is having a responsibility.

This responsibility as managed would be the refining process that determines how far you are going to get, how well furnished and attractive your potential turns out. In essence.

You are the major determinant of what people are to see as your potential is showcased.

You determined How it is priced, cheap or expensive?

Its your choice to Honour or disdain, Value or devalue? Your Choice to make
You! You!! You!!!

External demands don’t define you

Many times, in an attempt to maximizing our potential especially by commercial activities, which plays a major role in reaching the heights’ we desire, our sponsors appraising our diligent work, We just might be forgetting ourselves in the midst of all these.

This means that we might just lose ourselves and thereby letting our Potentials lie dormant, and originality is lost. At this point, our life is based on what we can do to get what we want at any cost. Although, people who appraise our potentials (the market, business, sponsors and even peers) tend to want to control them.

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