Sunday, November 19, 2017

LYRICS: TO YA - Jubal | @am_Jubal


I never believed I could have a life..
Never thought I could make it right.
But you’ve been faithful..
Even when it seems am gon’ loose my life..

You came in your glory just to make things right..

Lord am so grateful…
And for everything you’ve done for me..
Lord I will stand and give you praise..
Say na only you be God..
Nara ekele, nara otito..
For everything you’ve done for me..
It’s all because of your love..

Toya ka’nyi toonu chukwu onye na eme mma….
Anytime I wake I will praise the lord..
Na him make me sleep..
Na him wake me up..

Lord am so grateful…
Even when I fall down you raise me up..
Then I was broke noe you filled my cup..
Lord you’ve been faithful…

And for everything you’ve…………..

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